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Best Websites to Find the Cream Development Resources!!

Are you a game development company or planning to be one? If yes, then do you know what all it takes to be?


The money and fame attractive market makes companies jump for game development. This has led to rise in Game Startups across the globe who wants to be part of the fancy game development industry and wants to earn big.


Although there could be a big list of things required to be a game development company but let’s see the most important elements:


Game Idea, concept, goal, vision and estimations.

  1. Money
  2. Location or place to work
  3. Amenities
  4. Legal Permission
  5. Man Power or Human Resources (Like game developers, testers, manager etc.)

In this article we will focus on the talent of the game development companies i.e. developer, testers etc.


The game development company requires skilled and the right talent for the success of its projects. Hiring a wrong resource can be fatal to the company. Therefore, hiring an excellent talent for game development company is necessary.


The Top5 Websites to Hire Game Development Resources:





The best thing about Toptal is that it lets you hire top 3% of the game development freelancers which actually saves time and efforts. It is a hiring marketplace for game development companies to hire game developers of (almost) all programming languages; it provides “A”-level developer who truly skillful in their fields.





Upwork was formerly known as oDesk. Upwork is one of the most popular websites for hiring good talented people. Upwork has 12.4 million registered freelancers and 5.3 million registered clients. Its global popularity can be seen by facts like 3.3 million jobs are posted annually, worth a total of $1 billion USD, making it the world's largest freelancer marketplace. Game development companies find it very useful as they can find developers as per there requirements.





Creatiosoft is one the fastest game development companies in India. In just 5 years of its presence, the company has made a name across the globe. It is also one of the fastest growing smartphone apps/games development organization in India. The company have launched several marquee games and applications, which have user base from across the globe. Creatiosoft launched over 200 entities across major smartphone platforms. It is one of the best game development companies in India to find game development resources.




Guru.com is also a very popular website to find the right game development resources. It is well known in gaming industry as it offers game development professionals from all over the world. The Escrow payment gives this site an edge over many other freelancing sites. Guru.com is a freelance marketplace and it allows game development companies to find freelance workers for commissioned work.




Freelancer is a global crowd sourcing marketplace website which is also very popular amongst game development companies. Freelancer has a different style of working a sit allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete. It was founded in 2009, its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia.

If you are looking any kind of help to develop your project, feel free to write @ Rishabh@creatiosoft or visit www.creatiosoft.com

Rise in Facebook Instant Games

Facebook needs no introduction; it is the biggest social networking platform with over 2 billion users. The social media platform created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 has become huge. The revenue of Facebook in 2016 was a mind boggling figure of $27 billion. Digital advertisement is the biggest revenue generator. Besides advertisements, Facebook instant games have also glued the people to the social platform. Facebook is available on various platforms like Android, IOS, Window etc. This gives a big advantage to the social giant.


Facebook Instant Games makes a feature rich platform as people can spent time on not only chatting with friends but also playing games. With other social media apps or websites only focused on stickers or just marketing, Facebook saw the future in games and the staggering numbers of. 1.5 billion users who play Facebook instant games proves its strength.


Farmville, Mafia Wars, Word Challenge, Café World, Zynga Poker etc. are one of the top most games played on Facebook and people spent hours on it.


Facebook has recently introduced the option of games on its messenger. This gave the exposure to different games to a big extend.



Players can experience both web games and also native games in the following categories.

  • Arcade Games
  • Puzzles Games
  • Casino Games
  • Mystery Games
  • Word Games
  • Role performing Games
  • Simulation Games

This is the beauty of Facebook instant games that any type of person around the world can find his type of game and can play the game on the go anywhere.


On the business side, the Facebook game development is a buzz and an area of opportunity. With the increasing number of Facebook game users, there is huge business potential. Facebook generated approx. $2.6 billion in 2015 for its game development companies and game developers. The company is working hard to improve this figure and this shows the commitment of the firm. 


Cocos2djs is the possibly the best engine for developing Facebook games. The gaming engine available as an open source software in the market. The engine is majorly used for web and native apps. Developing Facebook games requires expertise and experience.These games should not only be attractive and challenging but it should addictive as well and so user experience is one of the most important things while developing these games.


Good Cocos2djs game development companies with proven experience in Facebook game development can only survive. The industry is hungry for creative and experienced Cocos2djs developers. Hiring Cocos2djs game developers is also not easy as the growing Cocos has weak talent.


Cocos2djs development companies in the IT growing countries like India is becoming the outsource hub for such kind of game development. 


As the Facebook game community is growing, the demand of talented Cocos2djs developers is also increasing. USA on the other hand is still at the top to provide to cater such needs.


If you are looking any kind of help to develop your project, feel free to write @ Rishabh@creatiosoft or visit www.creatiosoft.com

When developer should choose Unity3d Or Cocos2d

As we all know gaming industry growing big day by day. China is becoming a fastest growing country in a world in terms of gaming revenue. Have you ever think why your games are not getting the organic download from the crowded market? I would like to share my experience which might be affecting your downloads. One of the biggest reason, I will is a selection of wrong game engine. I would like share when you should use Unity3d or Cocos2dJS.




Pro :-

1. Fast Development with strong developers community.
2. Excellent documentation for an entry level programmer.
3. Best game engine to create Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality product.
4. A developer is easily available in a market.


Cons :-

1. Have to pay monthly rental to Unity3d if you are using pro feature.
2. Not recommended for 2D games especially when you have device storage concern like India, Nigeria, Kenya.
3. Game engine not fit for the web build specially for mobile web build.


Pro :-

1. The development community is growing day by day.
2. Best game engine to develop 2D games especially for The Web ( Desktop + Mobile) build
3. Can produce low device storage build compare to Unity3d.
4. Don't have to pay monthly rental to anyone.
5. Completely open source game engine.


Cons :-

1. Lack of documentation on the website.
2. Very less community support for development.
3. Taking more development time compare to Unity3d.


I would like to suggest before to finalize any game engine for your project, please consider above point.

If you are facing any issue related to choosing which game engine you should use, Kindly add me on Skype ( rishabh.creatiosoft) for free consultancy.


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